Fountain of Youth Balm


Good 4 You- Fountain of Youth Balm

For Normal // Mature Skin Types. 

This balm includes the combined amazing herbal secrets of cat's claw bark + cypress essential oil into a super infused fountain of youth creation. The push up eco tube allows easy roll-on application to beautify skin! Fountain of Youth Balm has the scent of forest and is made with 100% all natural plant based ingredients. The beeswax used to make it all come together comes from an amazing local apiary!

Directions: Apply on fine lines after a shower for instant loving moisture. Also excellent to apply any time of the day for secret skin rejuvenating action. Amazing for moisturizing under tired eyes, for a little forest scented 'pick me up'! This balm has a very soft + gentle feel, but may melt in higher temperatures. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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